About Rohto® Eye Drops

Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been producing and marketing eye drops with innovative packaging, advanced formulas, and a strong consumer-oriented mindset for over 100 years. Rohto®  has been #1 in Japan for the past 40 years.  More information can be found at http://www.rohto.co.jp/global/company/nsn/eyecare/.

In 1988, Rohto Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. acquired The Mentholatum Company and began marketing and distributing Rohto® eye drops in the United States in 2001.

About The Mentholatum Company

The Mentholatum Company is a global health and wellness company, providing non-prescription pharmaceutical, healthcare, and cosmetic products to consumers worldwide. Founded in 1889, Mentholatum’s focus is on providing quality healthcare solutions for the treatment of conditions associated with skin care, pain relief, cold & flu, and eye care. USA headquarters are based in Orchard Park, NY. Brands include OXY® Acne Medication, Hada Labo Tokyo™ Skin Care , pHisoderm® Facial Care, Softlips® Lip Care, Rohto® Eye Drops, WellPatch® Pain Relieving Patches, Deep Heating® Pain Relieving Rub, Mentholatum® Original Ointment and Vaporizing Rubs, Fletcher’s® Laxative, Red Cross® Toothache and Red Cross™ Canker Sore Medications. More information can be found at http://us.mentholatum.com/.

*Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Health Eye Care Definition, 2016 data

*Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Health Eye Care Definition, 2016 data