June 13, 2017

  • Helps restore natural tear film by working on all three layers of the tear
  • Clinically shown to improve signs and symptoms of Dry Eye Disease
  • Delivered significant improvements in quality of life measures in clinical study

ORCHARD PARK, NY – (June 13, 2017)  — The Mentholatum Company, a global health and wellness company, today announced the launch of ROHTO® DRY-AID™, a new over-the-counter (OTC) lubricant eye drop designed for patients who need an advanced artificial tear option to help relieve their dry eye symptoms.

Developed with today’s dry eye patient in mind, ROHTO® DRY-AID™ is an innovative, breakthrough non-blurring lubricant eye drop with a unique formula that provides long-lasting relief from key symptoms of Dry Eye Disease (DED), such as dryness, irritation, grittiness, burning, and stinging due to overuse of digital devices, extended use of contact lenses, laser eye surgery, hormonal changes, or dry indoor or outdoor environments.

“Most available dry eye OTC lubricant eye drops act only on the aqueous layer of the tear film, providing limited relief of dry eye symptoms,” says Meryl Reis, Vice President, Research & Development, The Mentholatum Company. “ROHTO® DRY-AID™ with Liquidshield™ technology is formulated to help restore moisture to the entire tear film by working on all three layers to mimic a natural, healthy tear.  It delivers immediate and long-lasting dry eye symptom relief by enhancing tear adhesion to the surface of the eye, providing uniform moisture to the aqueous layer, and slowing evaporation by replicating an even lipid layer without blur.”

Dry eye disease is the most prevalent form of ocular discomfort and irritation, with estimates of affected individuals ranging from 1 in 20 to as high as 1 in every 5 adults in the United States experiencing some degree of mild to moderate dry eye1, and is one of the leading causes of patient visits to eye care practitioners in the United States2. “Treating dry eye has become a significant part of our practices, and many patients need professional intervention for diagnosis and treatment,” says Paul Karpecki, O.D., F.A.A.O., Director, Cornea and External Disease, Kentucky Eye Institute and Gaddie Eye Centers, Lexington, KY.

“Over-the-counter eye drops alone, or in combination with other treatments, are often my first line of therapy to minimize dryness and related discomfort of patients who present with dry eye,” adds Dr. Karpecki.  “ROHTO® DRY-AID™ helps restore or maintain the normal amount of tears in the eye. It is fast-acting and offers consistent and continuous dry eye relief, comfort, and protection throughout the day.”

In a single center, parallel group study comparison of artificial tear formulations, patients diagnosed with mild to moderate DED (n = 80) were compared over approximately 30 days in a real-life, real-time setting.  Patients using ROHTO® DRY-AID™ (n=40) reported longer lasting relief of the ocular signs, symptoms, and visual function issues associated with DED versus the leading OTC artificial tear product.  Additionally, using the Ora Calibra™ Quality of Life Questionnaire, which includes questions addressing visual function as well as other symptom assessments, only the ROHTO® DRY-AID™ group reported significant improvements in comfort scores during visual tasking activities such as watching television and driving at night. 3

“Quality-of-life measures are particularly valuable in evaluating a patient’s response to treatment,” notes William Trattler, MD, a refractive, corneal and cataract eye surgeon at the Center for Excellence in Eye Care, Miami, Fla. “Assessing the real-world effect of DED, not just the frequency and severity of symptoms, should be part of routine clinical practice. ROHTO® DRY-AID™ is a welcome treatment option to our armamentarium in addressing the key symptoms of dry eye and improving dry eye patients’ quality-of-life.”

ROHTO® DRY-AID™ Lubricant Eye Drops are available in a single 10-mL multi-dose bottle and can be found at various retail locations where over-the-counter eye drops are sold, with nationwide distribution in July.  Patients can download discount coupons here.

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